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Vestry Meeting - April 2, 2002


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Vestry Meeting Highlights



A meeting of the Vestry was held on April 2, 2002 for the main purpose of being able to vote upon a request from John Standing to place a proposed change in the parish by-laws before the annual parish meeting. Following assurances that voting to place the matter before the parish did not mean that the Vestry endorsed the proposed change, the motion was seconded and passed. Several members indicated that they would speak against the matter at the annual meeting.


Following the vote, Mr. Standing was allowed to address the Vestry and pointed out that there were problems with the slate of candidates for Vestry as put forward by the nominating committee. The slate as submitted by the nominating committee was:


For a three year term                                      For the balance of a two                                                                            year term


Joan Dilworth                                                 Dorothy Bromley

John Heidengren

James McLaughlin

Connie Yake


The problems are:


James McLaughlin is completing his second consecutive term and cannot run again at this time. He has therefore withdrawn his name from the ballot.

John Nyheim had been elected by the Vestry to fill a vacancy and needed to run for election to continue to serve the additional two years of the term.


The Vestry was told that, due to his being away from the parish so frequently, Mr. Nyheim felt that someone else might serve his Vestry position more consistently. Therefore the Vestry decided to put forward two names by petition in order that all open Vestry positions could be filled by regular vote of the parish on April 21st. The petition was signed by all 14 members of the Vestry present at the meeting and presented to the Secretary as required by the by-laws and Standing Rules of the parish. The two names nominated by petition are:


For a three year term                                       For the balance of a two                                                                             year term


Vivian McLaughlin                                          David Fortney


Father Moyer told of his invitation to travel to London and meet with some of the Primates prior to their meeting next week. He and Rita will be leaving Saturday and returning on Wednesday. He asked for our prayers for safe travel and productive meetings in London.


Following discussions concerning the possible legal options being researched the Vestry voted to have the secretary send a letter to Presiding Bishop Griswold in support of a letter from Father Moyer requesting a forum of bishops be formed to discuss non-binding options for conciliation between Father Moyer and Bishop Bennison. My letter was faxed and mailed to the Office of the Presiding Bishop on Wednesday and copies mailed to all of the Bishops of the Dioceses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the members of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Pennsylvania. (Copies of both letters are posted on the bulletin board in KGH).


A discussion followed concerning the level of money designated for Chris Rodriguez in the Extra-Parochial Giving Budget. In order to make certain that Chris and Kathy did not have to be concerned about finances during the year, a motion was made, seconded and passed to guarantee to make-up any shortfall remaining between the budget requirements of the family and the gifts received through the parish.




Notice of Annual Parish Meeting



The annual meeting of the Parish of the Church of the Good Shepherd will take place following the 10 am Mass on April 21, 2002. A catered brunch will precede the meeting in Kemper Great Hall. Voting will take place in the Library before and after the services on that day. The slate of candidates has been posted on the bulletin boards in the hallway and at the entrance to KGH. (Please note of the additions and changes in Vestry Meeting Highlights on the other side of this notice.) Lists of eligible voters have also been posted on the bulletin boards. If you believe that your name is not on the list and should be added, please contact the parish office immediately.


A proposal to change the parish by-laws to force the number of people nominated for election to the Vestry to exceed the number to be elected by three names will be discussed and voted upon.


A booklet of reports from the heads of parish ministries is being assembled and will be available in KGH.


Various other matters of concern to the parish family will be discussed. It is hoped that as many parish families will be represented as possible at the meeting.  


Curtis A. Cooke

Secretary of the Vestry


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